[Machinery] Tower crane SAEZ TL55 in Norway
february 26, 2016

Norway is one of the most spectacular places in the world, countless fjords, for its beautiful scenery, endless mountains and rich vegetation that make maintaining a state of constant surprise when you walk or visits hiding places. Sunsets and sunrises every day poque remind us want to live there.

And to live ... we must build, so today, we bring you some great images of construction in Norway. In these photographs looks like a tower crane brand and model SAEZ TL55, enduring the harsh weather of Norway, he performs his work seamlessly between snowstorms and sub-zero degrees. The images also can be deduced that this tower crane is mounted on crossbase and has a height of 36m.

Redcrane® has available this model of tower crane.

View more details of the product SAEZ TL 55

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