[Redcrane] Redcrane® Corporate Vehicles
july 13, 2016

In Redcrane® we recently purchased two vehicles for corporate use in order to increase our visibildad and the confidence of our customers.

The first of the vehicles, hyundai brand, is intended entirely to commercial use; Transportation customers who wish to visit our facilities, commercial visits to customers to offer new or used tower cranes, lifting machinery or construction equipment.

The second vehicle, a pickup of the Mitsubishi brand. Mainly for working with our service. For maintenance, assembly of tower cranes, inspections or professional advice.

The acquisition of this new fleet of vehicles facilitate and improve our mobility and versatility. Allowing faster travel in less time.

And remember if you see any of our vehicles, hecharte a photo in which you go by the car, and you send it to us to post in this gallery.

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