[For Sale] Used Potain MCT 88. YOM 2007
december 22, 2015

In Redcrane® offer for sale the MCT 88 Potain tower crane is a mid-range, with load capacities of up to 5,000 kg if the hook is double forwarding (DR) or up to 2,500 kgs if simple forwarding (SR). Furthermore, this machine can reach 1,100 kg at the end of his 52m of jib (tip load).

Redcrane® currently have in our stock yard located in the Region of Murcia - Spain one unit of this crane model, which has the following composition of sections; 1 section SR26E (10.5m), 1 stretch SR24E (10.5m), 1 stretch S24E (10.5m) and 2 sections S24A (3m). With this configuration, the hook under height (HUH) exceeds 37m.

In addition, our model available, has crossbase of 3.8m x 3.8m, has a totally new cabin operator with loads display and joysticks. This have too two trolleys.

The tower crane POTAIN MCT 88 is completely revised, and tested for perfect operation. Also as usual in Redcrane®, other services can be added with the purchase, we offer the possibility to refurbish the crane, repaint, change brakes, limiters, motors and cables.

Finally, we mention that the crane needs to be moved in 4 port containers (40HC) or four trucks.

If you are interested in this tower crane, do not hesitate to contact us so we can perform a formal offer, where logistics and services needed to be included.

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