[Loads] Tower Cranes in Redcrane® for shipping to Poland TL55
april 14, 2018


In Redcrane® we prepare each tower crane paying attention to every possible detail. We anticipating the loads of cranes for shipment, join parts of the crane with straps forming packages are then loaded directly into containers. Then we cover with bubble paper the most sensitive parts to prevent friction and shock. And finally our brand adhesives look well in specific places.

Once loaded the parts of the tower crane in each container, these are internally fixed to prevent movement during transport. All strips are checked and we make photos for client review.

Through this process, we get that each tower crane arrives in the best possible conditions to their destination, only to be discharged, assembly and operating in the shortest possible time.

Additionally, if the customer requests, we can provide our reconditioning service, painting, spare parts change, renewal of the entire electrical panel and new cable.

Below you can see a few photos on our preparation process. 


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