[For rent] Tower cranes S46 and S52 in the Middle East skies
may 24, 2016

In Redcrane® we have a large machinery park with more than 100 tower cranes in different parts of the world and especially in Middle East. For this reason, we can assume a large number of rents to start service soon. Additionally our team of professionals will take care of the whole process of assembling the tower crane and later dismantling after the end of the rental period. You need only worry about giving us a power supply (the mobile crane is negotiable) and start working.

During the rental period, our operators will make monthly inspections of the tower crane, to make sure everything is under control and in perfect working condition. This way we ensure efficiency while optimizing resources, we have available spare parts in our stock yards for immediate response.

Finally and as say in the title, we leave some photos of mounts rentals of tower cranes SAEZ S46 and S52 in the skies of Middle East.

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